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    In order to provide you with support towards Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory, we incorporate the ELEONE® solutions on our checking fixtures (and on yours already existing).
    They allow to control your production with reliably, speed and to collect your DATA in real time to exploit them.
    Easily adaptable, they allow you to easily switch from a classic tools to a connected checking fixtures.

    01 | Eleone solutions

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    The ELEONE software supports and directs the ELEONE solutions as well as all the connectable measuring instruments that we can implement such as cameras, bar code readers, actuators, etc.
    It guides the operator and records all your measurements. You will finally be able to use your data/DATA to improve your productivity.

    Click on the ELEONE logo for more information or contact us at

    02 | Eleone software :
    the nerve of the range

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    RFIT detectors make your means of control semi-automated.

    They are placed on each gauge point and indicate the order of the measurements to be followed.
    Once the measurement has been taken using a Bluetooth comparator, it is saved on the ELEONE software and the operator has a visual feedback of the measurement according to the transmitted tolerances (green OK/red not OK, orange start of drift) .
    The RFIT solution helps reduce operator stress and makes your measurements 100% reliable.

    Click on the RFIT logo for more information or contact us at

    03 | RFIT : guides your measurements

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    SMART SENSOR make it possible to take several control points simultaneously.

    SMART SENSOR allow several measurement points to be taken simultaneously and your checking fixtures becomme 100% automated.
    A real time and energy saver, they make unit control possible, they are also perfectly suited to measurement points that are difficult for operators to reach.
    Accuracy, speed and traceability are guaranteed thanks to the ELEONE software. All your DATAS are sent in real time to your data server.
    Click on the SMART SENSOR logo for more information or contact us at

    04 | SMART SENSOR at the service of measurement

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